Bruxism advice and help/referral?

Has anyone found a great resource for dealing with bruxism?  I've had this issue for a few years but lately I've started waking up with sharp headaches from night time clenching and grinding, pain in my molars, and several of my front teeth have chipped. (!!) My dentist has prescribed me a night guard, but it seems to just make me grind more (though protects my teeth.) Has anyone solved this issue, and/or found a dentist or practitioner who was particularly helpful? [Note:  I know you're supposed to meditatie, relax, etc. but I'm a single mom running my own company during a pandemic so ... looking for something external while I try and find time for the internal :]  Thank you!

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Hi there! I am so sorry to hear about your bruxism. It's an issue I've been dealing with for years. It has gotten way better lately (even during the pandemic), and to be honest I think much of the improvement stems from seeing a therapist and doing meditation, unfortunately for your current situation. However, there are a couple of things that might help you short term.

One is adding a magnesium supplement to your diet. Many people are low in magnesium and if you drink alcohol at all, you are definitely low because it makes you pee it out. It helps with muscle stiffness and stress. I take 400mg of magnesium glycinate daily and definitely notice if I miss a dose. I believe it may help your muscles relax at night, particularly if you are wearing a night guard. Note that there are lots of different forms of magnesium, but was told by a doctor friend that in glycinate form, it can best be absorbed by your body.

Second is my previous dentist in SF prescribed a special night guard that of course isn't covered by insurance and costs an arm and a leg (I think $3,000?). She first did a sleep study to make sure I didn't have sleep apnea. Then, when making the night guard, they put these sensors on that relax the muscles in your jaw. Then they make the mold so that your teeth fit together when your jaw is relaxed. The guard is rigid and goes on your bottom teeth. I have to admit, it was not the life-changer I thought it would be and was super disappointed at first that I had spend the money. However, it is definitely the best night guard I've had (and I've had many), and I can't imagine trying to sleep without it.

Third, my current dentist said what he believes is most effective is physical therapy. Because my TMJ is not an issue right now, I haven't pursued this option, but it may be worth looking in to. I have some exercises my old dentist gave me that I can send you if you DM me.

I hope you find some relief soon! I have so many crowns from years of grinding and even had to have a root canal on one because the crack when down to the nerve. It is definitely worth the time and money to ease it. Best wishes!

botox into the masseter muscle? I had it once and it had a noticeable effect worked.

Go see an osteopath!!! It’s expensive, definitely, but very effective. And dental bills are expensive too- plus much less relaxing! I went to a practitioner in Albany at 902 Santa Fe, for back/hip/leg pain (that was also cured by osteopathy) but right away was asked about dental problems and very quickly saw improvements in my near constant jaw clenching (I had recently cracked a tooth all the way through). Can’t recommend it enough. Good luck! 

You might try getting a biofeedback device.

I recommend giving up (or drastically cutting back on) caffeine and chocolate. 

When I was working 100+ hrs/wk hours doing stressful legislative work with only volunteers and no funding, I started to grind my teeth

and developed sleep disorder.  Hypnotizing myself using a simple technique of just telling myself what I will do and how I will relax my jaw

throughout the night as well as get deep sleep... it saved me. The sleep part, I saw a hynpotist in Chicago who is amazing and saved

my health after not sleeping through the night for 4 months.  There's a book called 'hypnotize yourself: that I can fish out if you are interested in the