Brewery or other outdoor space for 50th birthday

Hi - 

I'd like to host a birthday gathering for my husband on a Saturday evening in early October. Hoping to find a brewery or other outdoor venue with service for drinks/food, where we can either reserve a few table,s block a space (for under $200-300) or just show up and grab some tables. We'll probably be 30-40 people at the most, including a few kids. Lamorinda or Oakland would be best.

Canyon Brewery would be great but their system for ordering food and drinks right now would make it hard to host this kind of party. 

Thank you!

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Ghost Town or Degrees Plato in the Laurel would work.   Plenty of outdoor space at both.  

Try fieldwork or temescal brewing.  Lots of breweries in the area and a few of them have decent outdoor space.  Might be hard with the way certain places are handling covid but worth a shot.

Drake's Dealership on Broadway near 24th in Oakland is open air. Not necessarily outdoor, but there's no roof.

Ocean View Brew Works on San Pablo Ave near Portland Rd in Albany has an outdoor space I think you can reserve, but no food; you'd have to bring that in yourself.

Faction Brewing in Alameda on the Base is all outdoor and has regular food trucks, but I think they don't want large groups gathering. You'd have to ask them specifics.

Headlands Brewing opened a taproom in Lafayette, I think it's a lot of outdoor space, but I don't know food options; haven't been there.

I hope this helps!

30-40 people on a Saturday night is a lot at most places without some kind of formal agreement. 
But, that being said, I’d maybe try somewhere out on the Western-most side of Alameda, just because that’s one of the rare East Bay locations where there is a lot of space to be had. Faction Brewery, Dashe Cellars, Rock Wall Winery…I haven’t been to any of these since pre-COVID so obviously call first to get the deets, including if kids are allowed in the current environment (since they can’t be vaxxed, which may or may not matter to the venue). Good luck! 


For my husband's 45th birthday, we went to Almanac Beer Company in Alameda and it was really fun. I don't recall if we reserved tables or not (this was also pre-pandemic), but they have a large outdoor area with a food and beer truck. There is also a place next door to get wine, I think, in case not everyone likes beer. There are a few lawn games as well to keep the kids entertained. My husband did the brewery tour with a friend to make it a little more special.

The other place in that area is Faction -- it has amazing views of the bay and SF. But, the last few times we went there were issues with ordering food and a wait to get in. Definitely call them about reservations because that would be the way to go with a group of that size.

In Oakland, you could check out Novel Brewing Company -- they have tables in the lot next door, but it's not that big an area. Also try Temescal Brewing -- they have a fair number of outside tables. 

Good luck finding a place. The two in Alameda are much bigger, so you will probably have better luck. Check about COVID restrictions, though. Have fun!

I recently looked into Drake's Dealership in Oakland for a group booking of 20.

For their outdoor tables, they told me they could do a group booking for 18 people max, they have an outdoor section with bleachers / picnic table which is usually given to large groups. You wanna book a couple of weeks out. Kids and dogs are OK. They have nibbles, pizza, burgers, salad and some vegan food options. Drinks wise it's primarily beer / wine / cider. Your group is a lot bigger, so I'm not sure if they would let you make two outdoor bookings for the same day, or encourage you to grab a group booking for 18 plus show up and try to grab surrounding tables for the rest of your party.

I believe they only charge for group bookings if you rent their indoor private event space. 

I didn't end up booking with them so I can't tell you how it went, but I have been there before and enjoyed their outdoor patio.

Here are some ideas: Plank, Lake Chalet, Temescal Brewing, Nido, Drake’s Dealership.