BPN Equivalent in San Diego?

Dear BPN,

We’re planning to move to San Diego by the end of this year — not a lot of time left! This network has been so very valuable since we moved here 12 years ago. Does anyone know of a similar network in San Diego? We don’t really know anyone in that area and I already have a bunch of questions that would benefit from a parenting network like this.  If anyone used to live there or knows someone who does and can pass along any such information, that would be incredibly helpful.

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First of all, sorry that this is not the answer which you are looking for, but I'm also moving down to San Diego (this month!) and eager to be answered with the same question. Could you share if you get any information related, from other channels as well? Thank you. 

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We are also moving to San Diego this summer and would also like to find something like BPN! If you find any helpful resources, or would like to connect with us, please let us know.

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Good Morning! There is San Diego Parent http://www.sandiegoparent.com/ 

Google "San Diego Parent Network (insert city you will live in). There isn't something as robust as BPN but there are some things... I was born and raised in San Diego and spend time in SD and SF currently. 

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Hello, we are actually moving from San Diego to the Bay Area this summer. Unfortunately, there is no similar network to BPN down here (or at least to my knowledge). They have some family magazines such as San Diego Family which features a calendar of events and school guides. The closet thing may be next door. I can always answer a few questions as well.