Boarding schools for troubled teen

Can someone recommend a boarding school that have both therapeutic and strong academic components for a 15-year-old teen. Thanks. 

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I have a friend who runs just such a school in Bend, Oregon. It's a great place, really supportive and structured with good academics. It's called Bridges Boys Academy. Check it out. Good luck.

You might want to contact a group called Willows in the Wind, which was founded by parents whose children had gone to residential treatment of one sort or another.  Willows has monthly meetings, one in Los Altos Hills and the other in Oakland.  The Oakland meeting is usually held at Kaiser Oakland, but is not affiliated with Kaiser.  It a wonderfully supportive group and they have a lot of knowledge about programs.  Several years ago, I regularly attended meetings even though I could not afford to send my troubled teen daughter to a residential program.   I'd suggest contacting them and attending a meeting:  Jan Rao 650 868-1988 jrao [at]   The website is

Best of luck to you and your family. 


My daughter attended a residential treatment center called Newport Academy that she had a lot of success at. I would try calling them, if they aren't right then they maybe know others.