Coed Boarding School for learning challenges

Does anyone have any recommendations for co-ed boarding school for high school. Looking for a small school that offers great learning resources. My daughter has some learning challenges. 

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There's a boarding school fair in SF in May! (saw a flyer but don't recall more info... you should be able to google it)

IF you are open for a local school Mentoring Academy is a great school that help kids with learning challenges ( My son has been going there since 8th grade and is now a junior and he is thriving coming out of a very unhappy situation in public school. The school focuses on every kid and helps them achieve their best. They work on essential academics but also help them grow their social and emotional skills.  The school is located close to Rockridge BART but will relocate for next year because they lost their lease. but the plan is to find a new site close where the school was before.

My son graduated from the Dunn School, a day and boarding co-ed school near Santa Barbara in Los Olivos.  They have a Learning Strategies program for students with learning differences. The student is assigned a learning strategies teacher/advisor and their time is embedded into the student's schedule.  My son's learning/ approach to school and confidence in his abilities were at near zero when he started high school at an otherwise well regarded public school in the East Bay.  By the time a boarding school with real learning resources was recommended as the best option, my husband and I got over having to become "empty nesters" ahead of schedule.  It was more important that he regain his confidence and develop his learning style that worked for him than to have him going to school locally and being miserable.  Happy to discuss offline as needed.