BlueSkies 4 Children - updated review?

Hi all!

My husband and I are looking into child care for our soon-to-be son (arriving April 2021) and are looking to connect with parents who have sent their kids to BlueSkies - past or present. Based on their website, model of teaching, etc. it is our top choice but it is hard to find reviews online so we are hoping to hear more! Any connection to the school or information on it would be very much appreciated (first time parents and new to the Bay Area so the school hunt feels extra daunting but also really important and exciting :)). 

Thanks in advance!

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We have been in the Wobbly Walkers group at Blue Skies for 3 weeks and have been very impressed with the professionalism and quality of care received at Blue Skies. They also have a tight knit parent network. I would highly recommend! 


I'm a current parent at BlueSkies (my daughter is now 2 and in the Todds, she joined at 9 months in the baby house) and we could not be more thrilled. They have an incredibly thoughtful child-centered curriculum (based on but not exclusively montessori) that is deeply focused on attachment and empowerment of the kids in their care. They have great diversity among their staff and kiddos and I was very impressed at the teacher retention (one teacher has been there for longer than I've been alive!) and they seem to really support all staff on site. In COVID-times, we've been very pleased with their planning and communication processes, the safety precautions and their ongoing adjustments. There have been a few scares in some of the bubbles, but no cases within teachers or kids. Happy to answer specific questions if you have any, but I couldn't recommend them more highly!


I don't have direct experience, but I know from years of hearing about Blue Skies, and friends whose kids have gone there, that Blue Skies is a highly regarded, highly prized East Bay institution with very little turnover and few parents leaving once they've secured a spot. I don't know about now, but in the past it's been the sort of place that you apply to when you find out you're pregnant and then never leave! 

Thank you all!! Super helpful!! This is definitely our top choice :) Hope to join you all soon.