Blended/Online Learning & On-site School for K-8 Students


Does anyone know of a school that offers a blended learning model? I'm looking for a program  that offers a combination of independent study or online/distance learning classes along with on-site classes for elementary age children?

I found a great program in Southern California that's offered by the Tustin School District ( where children go to school on-site once or twice a week and study from home the rest of the week. However, it's too far away. I'm not finding any similar program or schools here in the Bay Area. If you have any leads or resources, I'd appreciate it.  I'm open to similar schools in the East Bay and San Mateo County or Santa Clara County.


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We're trying out Zearn for our 3rd grader for math:  IXL also seems good:  They can watch stories being read out loud to them on Storyline Online / YouTube. ST Math is great as well. Good luck!