Black male therapist or psychologist for 3rd grader

Hi, I haven't been able to find very many black male therapist or psychologist for my almost 9 year old son. I would prefer someone in Oakland, or a nearby city. Insurance (Anthem Blue Cross) has not provided any helpful results, so any suggestions will be very much appreciated. There is a lot going on in his head, and he doesn't know how to express how he feels at times. I think speaking with a therapist or psychologist will help him sort through all those thoughts and feelings.

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I'm sorry I don't have a personal recommendation.  But you can go to  Click on "Find a Therapist".  Type in your zip code.  Do the drop-down menu "Gender".  Do the drop-down menu "More".  Check the box for "Ethnicity Served".  Click on "Insurance" and check the box for your insurance.  Click on the therapist's photo and it will give additional information about the person.  If the box "Verified" is checked, I think it means they've checked the person actually has a license.  This is just a way to find names, but then you should call a few to see if you like them -- they should give you a free, brief phone consultation.  And if your son does not feel comfortable with the first therapist you try, move on and try another one!  Good luck!


I found my last two therapists through Psychiatric Alternatives and was please with the care they provided. I just looked at their page of providers, and based on photos (which I know is a flawed methodology), it looks like there is one black male therapist: Their site used to tell you if they were accepting new patients but it doesn't seem to anymore. They are very responsive, though, if you call them they'll be able to answer any questions.

Good luck to you and your family!

There is a group called Bay Area Association of Black Psychologists

they are on Facebook and maybe elsewhere