Birthday party ideas for 10-year old girl


I am new to the area and also new to my child turning...10 - the tweenage stage! Please suggest recommendations for a celebration in the area.

I'm assuming celebrating at home is still faux pas, although I would love to have an entertainer or a drum/percussion party to liven things up a bit.

Thank you in advance! 

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My 10 yr. old grandkid just had their birthday party at UC Botanical Garden with a few friends and loved it.  It's beautiful, interesting and they can roam around.  Another idea, indoors or out, is a home party with a project - tie dyeing, shrinky dinks, jewelry/backpack charms making, etc.

There was a recent post seeking ideas for a 10 year old birthday party. Check that post out. :-)  Many are starting to have birthday parties at home especially if they have a bit of outdoor space. I've seen people have backyard parties even in a modestly sized space. For smaller outdoor space, I've seen people open up their house with all windows and doors open and have an indoor-outdoor flow but the party size was kept on the smaller size. We recently went to a birthday party at a friend's backyard which is pretty small. Food and drinks were set up outside in the backyard where they did "karaoke", scavenger hunt in the back, front, and around the house, and pinata. I thought it was really clever that they used all parts of outdoor space because their backyard is small. A group of about six 9 and 10 year old girls singing their hearts out was pretty awesome. Guests wore masks when going inside to use the bathroom. Drumming sounds really fun. What a great idea! You can have an entertainer or drumming at many local parks. We went to another birthday party at Lake Temescal and they had a magician come and perform. It was fun. 

Happy birthday to your girl!

Mom with a 10 year old girl