Bird control / abatement /proofing for house

We have a bay window in our Berkeley home and it’s protrusion attracts a lot of pigeons on its roof/ledge. We placed bird spikes to stop them from landing on the edge but that seems to have invited them to create a cozy home and lay baby pigeon eggs behind the spikes! The babies are hatched and I now need them all to find a new home. Anyone with advice or if you have used a business to help you bird proof your home successfully, please help!

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I live in Alameda and I called the Alameda County Vector Control. They sent an animal specialist out to my house and removed the bird nests in my front porch, and gave suggestions for how to bird proof the area. I used them also for rat mites, rats, birds, bugs, you name it. They were so helpful. I don't know if they serve Berkeley, but you can figure out which agency does. I also found that bird spikes just provided extra protection and the birds loved them and came back to build more nests than before. I eventually sealed off the nesting areas with netting, but I still had to fix the netting ever so often to keep the birds out. What can I say? Birds love my house! If it helps, for more open areas, I've seen people put up cut outs of owls/hawks, or else they hung old CD's on a string that swirled in the wind. The bright flashes apparently keep the birds away.

I used Mighty Men (a woman owned business) on the referrall from a neighbor to "evict" a squirrel family from my attic. They are wildlife experts.

Vector control serves all of Alameda County. Your taxes pay for it. They are great! (Only used them once for hornets, but they were responsive, knowledgable, and got rid of them!)