Biking club for preteens?

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I'd love to find a mountain biking group for my 12 year old, ideally a group that rides in the Oakland Hills. Hopefully on weekends or and weekdays during the summer. Does such a thing exist? 


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Hi- Yes! It's called Oakland Composite High School Mountain Bike Team....and their development team for middle schoolers called Oakland Devo. My husband is one of the coaches, and my Senior son is in his 6th year of participating so I'm speaking from experience. Previously middle schoolers were allowed to come to practices with the team, but now its actually all very structured which is great. Boys and girls are out there together (one of the things I love about this sport) and the goal is "more kids on bikes." Practices tend to begin at the Trudeau Center up on Skyline or at Joaquin Miller, but there are also field trips (not mandatory). Check out the latest posts here: Here's the FAQ page on the team website, and finally, the email address for more info: oaklandcompositemtb [at]" data-type="mail" href="mailto:oaklandcompositemtb [at]" target="_self" rel="nofollow">oaklandcompositemtb [at]

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Hi Tamarah,

If your 12 year old is in middle school, there is indeed something in Oakland.  Oakland Composite HS MTB Team has a Development piece or rather Middle School aspect to it.  My husband is the head coach. The program is run by volunteers and hosts weekly rides for the kids.  The high schoolers participate in a larger program that includes high school mountain bike racing through the end of May each year.  It's a great sport for kids who aren't the "ball sport" type kids. Both of my kids participated in the program. There are currently about 30 middle school riders participating on the team - so also plenty of other like minded kids to make friends with.  Feel free to email me if you've got questions.   Here is the website for more info: