Bike and Bike Trailer Parking Options - Ashby BART/Malcolm X

I want to park my bike and bike trailer (2 kid version) at/near the Ashby BART, so I can pick up my kindergartner from Malcolm X. The BikeLink staff said I could park both in the electronic parking structure  if I didn't block any slots.  I was concerned this might not be feasible, so I rented two locked bike boxes from BART.  One of my BART boxes is broken and can't be opened and the other is filled with cigarette butts and garbage (while I could clean the locker, I don't want the bike trailer to be impacted by the lingering smell of the smoke).  Any suggestions on where I can safely park my bike and the bike trailer?  Since Malcolm X is under construction, can I park atleast the trailer at the school?

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We also just started at Malcolm X. There are a lot of bike racks there. Just call the school office and ask if you can park the bike and trailer there. They've been very responsive to all of my questions. Or just park it there and see what happens. My guess is that it would be just fine. They lock the gates from 8:30 till 1:30, I think (and maybe lock them up again?). So part of the day it would be behind locked gates.

Good luck!

Hi! It should be fine to park at Malcolm X in the yard, either next to king st gate or on other side near Ellis gate. The construction is on the outside for now but will move to inside the yard in a few months and that would not affect the bike rack by the king st gate