BIHS next year

My daughter was placed in BIHS next year, which was her first choice.  I'm excited and concerned for her as I've heard many things about how stressful the workload is at BIHS.  I've heard a lot of "worst-case scenarios" about kids feeling really stressed and up until 2AM - having increased anxiety due to the challenging curriculum.  She's a good student, and very capable, but it comes with effort on her part and she does run towards tightly wound.  So far, the universal 9th grade curriculum hasn't  seemed that challenging for her and the homework load has been pretty light.  She is participating in crew and wants to continue with it next year - I would love her to continue so long as she can still get a good night's sleep and maintain her sense of well-being. Any information that can shed light on navigating the demands of BIHS - and some reality checks around what those demands are is greatly appreciated.

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