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my grand daughter who has an iep and is shy with social fears was placed in ib her 4th non choice. She will know many students there but they have gone on to others etc. I understand that the teaching is geared to academically advanced students and worry she will not comprehend. There is some problem in that area also. She wanted aha mostly or cas where she won't know anyone but likes art and video and the idea of a small school. Would like some feedback about ibs and iep and students such as my GD. Thank you

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Your granddaughter might just flourish in the BHS IB program! She won't see anymore or less of her old friends there & she will be busy  with interesting school projects & make new friends.  I doubt they'll let you transfer now but if it's unbearable after the first school year, you can put in for transfer to AHA, which also has a good reputation.  From our experience at BHS, the IB program gets better every year. Good luck! I urge you to encourage your granddaughter to get to know her advisor. 

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I have a son with an IEP who is in IB. It really is not that hard. Even he admits he did very little homework in Fresh and Sophomore years. Stay on top of the IEP! If they want to drop it, say you want an IEE and mean it! Then they may say to just stay with the IEP - if it really is needed.