BHS--recent experience with AHA?

My 9th grader at BHS is interested in the AHA small learning community, and I was wondering about folks' recent experience with it. She likes creative writing and art, but does not engage in them much in her free time (i.e., she does not demonstrate great passion for artistic pursuits). She is a well-performing student overall, and academics are important to our family: we want rigorous academics and well-rounded options. I have a sense that AHA may be better suited to not-very-academic but very artistically talented students--is that accurate? Or would a high-performing not-necessarily-artsy student do well there as well, and be academically challenged? Is the academic rigor of the classes on par with those in AC? Thanks for any insights you can provide.

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My very artistic child decided not to do AHA and she had absolutely no regrets. It does have a reputation for being less academic, and from what we could tell, that reputation was accurate. My daughter graduated last year and was in AC. She had friends in AHA who hated it. I’m personally glad she didn’t choose it, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad SLC.  It just isn’t for everyone, and I think if your child wants strong academics, AC would be a good fit. You get more electives than IB and BHS has some pretty strong art teachers.