BHS or Oakland Tech

I live in Berkeley and my son's father lives in Oakland.  My son went to Chabot for elementary school and is now in 8th grade at King. Does anyone have advice about choosing BHS vs. Oakland Tech?

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Both schools are large urban publics with similar offerings. If your kid is motivated, he will do fine. If not, he will have the same struggles (academically) at either school. That said, I'd stick with the school where your kid knows the most people. Sounds like this is Tech. Starting over socially is hard.

I recommend letting him make the choice and then once he's started, stick with it, don't second guess it and switch mid-stream. Find ways to make it work, join a team, a club whatever. Get tutors. Make it work - but don't cut and run.  Switching schools after a year is a total disaster.  Take it from one who's been there.  We did that and we're still recovering, two years on.... 

RE: BHS or Oakland Tech ()

I think your son could excel at either of these schools. My kids went to BHS but we have many friends at Oakland Tech or headed there. What does your son want to do? I think you should let that inform the decision.