Best school district for special needs 5 year old

A friend is seeking feedback from other parents about their positive experiences with school districts for a five year old who has been diagnosed  as "on the spectrum".    Would you recommend your local school and if not, what private schools have be valuable for you and your child?  Thanks!

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I have two kids on the spectrum in WCCUSD. My personal opinion is that the special education staff at each school is what really counts (in particular the full-inclusion specialist, assuming your friend’s child will be in a full-inclusion classroom). It’s been my experience that the districts are all about the same but the quality and dedication of the full-inclusion specialists and the aides varies widely from school to school (and wealthier schools are not necessarily better).

Easier said than done to get info about particular schools before enrollment. I’d recommend joining some of the Facebook or other groups referenced on BPN many times, and ask parents at the schools she’s interested in about their experiences.

Also, if the child will start ABA, ask the director of her child’s ABA program. A good ABA director will have made many school visits and has probably noticed high-quality school programs.

I have heard good things about Moraga as far as Special Ed goes.