Best public school districts for - ASD/ Special Ed

Hi All, my 2 year old son was recently diagnosed with ASD and as we are starting to think about moving (we just had another child and are quickly outgrowing our first home) wanted to see if anyone had any insight/ recommendations on which school districts in the east or north bay seem to have the best support for ASD and special Ed programs to help direct our search? TIA!

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I think you will find families who love and hate their district in every district.  So much of it depends on your child's specific needs, your school within that district and a host of other things. Having said that, we are in Lafayette and have been extremely impressed so far with the support and proactive approach the district has taken.  Feel free to reach out directly if you want to talk more.

Piedmont is hands down the best district for Special Needs.  However, lacks diversity and is very expensive.