Best place to sell/trade kids clothes?

Trying to clean out closets of lots of good quality baby/toddler/child clothing and gear. Which local store offers the best value (Ruby's Garden, Silver Moon, Child's Play, Eat, Play Sleep, etc.)? There are so many choices! Wondering if anyone has already done the research. Thanks!

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It does not seem that the stores give very much for used clothing, in my experience (but no experience with those particular stores).  A lot of these type stores sell on consignment and usually you will get around 40% of whatever they well it for.  You will get more if you try and sell it yourself...

Unfortunately that’s about all you’re going to get at any consignment store. If you really want to make more money, join a Facebook garage sale in your area. it takes more time though but you can get more per item than at a consignment store especially if you have desirable brands and/or items.