best BUSD schools for autistic child

We have a rising kindergartener who is autistic. Has anyone with an autistic child had a particularly wonderful (or not good) experience at specific schools within BUSD? Our closest school is Sylvia Mendez, but we are open to any.

Thank you!

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BUSD doesn’t really work that way. You’re in a zone based on where you live. You will rank the schools in your zone based on preference, and then the district assigns you a school. You don’t necessarily get your #1 choice. That being said, the elementary schools are all very good because of this system. I can’t speak to which school is better for an autistic child, but you can tour the schools in your zone to get a better sense. 


As Sylvia Mendez is the only Two Way Immersion school in the district you would have to apply and get accepted into the program.  Your school selection would be based on your zone, and you rank them in order of preference.  If SM is your closest school I would imagine that you are in the Southwest Zone.  You can look it up on the BUSD website.  Sign up for school tours and get a feel of the different schools, meet with the principal and SPED teams.  As each child is a unique individual your experience would be different from anybody else, you get out of it what you put into it.  You are your child's best advocate don't be afraid to speak up and ask for what you want/need for your child. That being said all schools in BUSD are good schools.  

hey, thanks for your replies. a clarification: i am aware of all this. however the fact is you are not limited to your zone, you just get preference within your zone. you can actually request any school within the district. you are just less likely to get that choice, but you can still request it. so this is why i am asking parents with autistic children for specific feedback on their school, no matter which one it is. of course i extra appreciate info on my zone's schools (Emerson, John Muir, and Malcolm X). I am aware that Silvia Mendez is open to the whole district so i won't get preference for it even though it's close, but it's my first choice because of proximity. However, if families with autistic kids have had bad experiences there, that would be different.

I’ve been a parent in BUSD since 2009 with one more year to go. They really prioritize the zones, which is why they have them. You can put whatever you want, but be aware they are really rigid. It’s hard to get your first choice in your zone let alone outside of it. I only have experience with Ruth Acty, King, and BHS, but the district will put you where there is room, not where you want to go. My advice is to stick with your zone. They will claim that all the schools have support services.