Berkeley toddler swim at Strawberry Canyon Recreational Area?

Hi! Has anyone registered their toddler to swim school at the Berkeley parent/infant or tiny tot swim camp at the Strawberry Canyon Recreational pool? Thinking about registering but wondering if it would be too cold? Anyone has experience with their toddler there? thanks! 

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Um, I tried to register my 3 year old a few days ago and Strawberry Canyon is total full for the summer already 🤯 so I joined the wait list...

Hi we did this a few years ago. My son was 3 or 4 and he had no trouble with the cold, nor did anyone else. It was lovely hanging out there for 30 minutes. 
i dont know how much value it added since i really wanted him swimming and sharing 1 instructor for 4-5 kids for 25 minutes wasnt the beat use of our time, and they were never consistent, but we also do a lot of water time so our son was already comfortable