Berkeley New School or Aquatic Park School?

We are trying to decide on a preschool for this fall for our daughter who will be 2 in April. We have two great options (the New School and Aquatic Park School), which is wonderful, but having trouble deciding between them!

We like the outdoor space better at New School, but the indoor space better at APS. We like that they have more age mixing at APS, but it also seems like that happens less due to COVID anyway. We prefer the no masks required policy at New School (I appreciate why APS has it, but I am not looking forward to wrestling a 2-year-old into wearing a mask). We like the Reggio philosophy at APS and APS seems a bit more driven by child interests to determine their projects, which we also like. New School is a bit closer to our house, but it's 5 minutes vs. 10 minutes so not a big difference. New School seems more integrated into the Berkeley community, which we like since we live in Berkeley. New School also seems to have teachers who've been there longer. 

Thoughts from any parents who chose between these two schools would be really helpful! What factors did you weigh and why did you decide how you did? Thanks!

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