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Hi all, my daughter is in first grade at Malcom X in Berkeley, and we are looking for potential Girl Scout troops in the area. I’m not seeing any Berkeley ones online, but hoping people here can advise on any in the area? Thanks! 

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We have quite a few Malcolm X kids in Scouts Berkekey Pack 30 (all genders). We have probably 30-50% girls, depending on the grade level. We’ll be at the Solano Stroll on Sept 10th if you want to stop by and chat.

Jerry Liang is a 2nd grade dad and our Pack leader. His wife is very involved, as am I, for 2nd grade.

The first Pack 30 meeting of the school year was at 6pm on Monday, August 28th in Live Oak Park. Grade level den meetings are just getting started.

Pack meetings (K-5th grade) are held at 6pm in North Berkeley (Live Oak Park or Epworth Church) on the last Monday of the month Aug to May/June.

Scouts also meet with their “den” (grade level) one Monday evening each month to work on learning the skills to earn badges and advance their rank. These include skills that focus on personal integrity, teamwork, outdoor survival, safety and knowledge of nature.

Optional opportunities also include a 1 monthly service opportunity (ex. food bank), 1 monthly group hiking opportunity, 1 fall camping and 1 spring camping overnight.

Info on completing the registration process, with links to all the forms and payment options, can be found here:

I am happy to answer questions, and I can also email the official parent membership coordinator:  membership [at]


This was recently posted in our school newsletter: 

Berkeley parents are launching a new Girl Scout troop serving 1st or 2nd grade kids. We know that there are a few school specific girl scout troops that are connected to individual public schools in Berkeley. This troop is for girls (or children who identify with she/her pronouns) who would like to meet kids from other local Berkeley schools and build leadership skills and community.

The troop will meet twice a month on Sundays from 3-5pm. There will be 12 kids in the group.

I️f you are interested, please email nitzan.pelman [at] or rachelgita [at] 

Deadline to express interest is Sept 7th.


Hello, I'm glad to hear that Malcolm X is organizing troops.  Many of the scouts in my daughter's current troop were Malcolm X kids -- they are now 8th graders.  I wanted to share that there are also events you can attend next week to get more information about Girl Scouts and participating in a Troop in the Berkeley/Albany Service Unit. 

September 16th from 4-5:30 at Cedar Rose Park RSVP here:…

September 12 from  7-8:30 at Epworth Church. RSVP here:…


Berkeley Albany girls interested in Scouting may consider Troop 42, the ScoutsBSA girl troop for girls age 5th grade or older. It's a great group of about 15 girls from around Berkeley/Albany/Oakland interested in a little more outdoorsy and ScoutsBSA leadership model, merit badges, rank advancement and option to earn Eagle. I started the troop, and am still involved a bit. New Scoutmaster is Brian Sullivan. So far two girls earned Eagle before going to college. the troop meets every Tuesday eve 7:30pm at St. Mary Madeline church fellowship hall. Visitors are welcome anytime. Email me if you'd like more info. jskinner1963 [at]