Swim team for 10yo that is not super competitive?

My 10 year old is looking for a swim team in the Berkeley/Oakland area that is not super competitive. Our goals are to refine strokes and to stay physically active. I came across the Berkeley Barracudas and it sounds like a good fit. Some old BPN reviews expressed concern with the coaches' behavior. Can anyone provide feedback on their child's experience within the last couple of years? Much appreciated!

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I would highly recommend Oaklantis Swimming. http://oaklantis.squarespace.com/ 

Coaches are great with kids and very supportive. 

If your son isn't actually interested in competing, but rather in just training and improving his skills, I strongly recommend Coach Ian's classes at Berkeley Tennis Club.  He leads hour-long intermediate and advanced swim sessions (three times a week for intermediate, I think more often for advanced) for up to 12 students.  He's an excellent coach and his classes often have wait lists, but at the moment there are spaces at both levels.  My daughter has been in his intermediate class for a year and has enjoyed them and improved a lot.  The intermediate class requires students to have some grasp of all four competitive strokes.  You do not need to be a member of the club to enroll in the classes and most students don't seem to be.