Berkeley art print or poster to remind us of home?

My family and I just had to move from Berkeley to the Central Valley for a job opportunity. We miss Berkeley so, so much. I'm looking for an art print or poster that will remind us of our home in Berkeley; something that really feels like Berkeley (the city, not the University). It could be a nice looking map that we could frame, a poster from a local Berkeley landmark or institution, a landscape painting, or possibly even a photograph. I've seen a few prints of Oakland maps that feature Oakland landmarks, but maybe there isn't as much of a market for Berkeley city pride paraphernalia, or maybe I'm just not using the right search terms. Any suggestions?



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Check out the Berkeley Path Wanderers Association.  They have a great David Goines poster you can buy for $35 (I have one!) and they also have some pretty watercolor notecards of Berkeley path scenes that you could frame. And a map of all the paths, too!  

Almost anything by David Lance Goines! 

I was going to recommend Goines, too, but I see people beat me to it!  You can find Goines posters for everything from Northface to Chez Panisse on Ebay. There are also some nice Berkeley maps and art prints on Etsy - if this link doesn't work, search "berkeley" under Art & Collectibles:

How about this Berkeley Food Pyramid poster?

I agree with the David Lance Goines suggestion, but also, Peet's Coffee originated in Berkeley and they have some awesome posters (in a style not unlike Goines).  They always remind me of Berkeley.

At the 75th anniversary of the Berkeley Rose Garden, from The Framer's Workshop, we bought a beautiful block print by Yamamoto of the roses on the pergola and the bay in the background in a rose wood frame. Love it.

Maybe a print by Elisa Kleven. Her work is beautiful.

Try the Framer's Workshop on Channing in Berkeley. They have Berkeley-esque prints, available online, and in-store, and their selections change periodically. And they do lovely framing services too (though you are welcome to DIY there too). And they could help you find something if you don't see what you like.