Berkeley ADU Kitchen Requirements

We are in the midst of an ADU project and wanted to hear others' experience putting in a full kitchen (not an efficiency kitchen for JADU).  We are particularly interested in the oven requirement. If you installed a cooktop, did you also install a built-in oven or just a countertop oven? Due to space constraints, we are leaning towards the cooktop + countertop oven option.

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I live outside Berkeley and I'm not familiar with the full vs efficiency kitchen requirements you speak of. But to save space in our ADU we put in a combination microwave and convection oven. There are a number of them on the market. We also bought a portable induction cooktop so that we can store it away and reclaim some counter space when not in use. The reality though is it sits on the counter almost 100% of the time.

I'm doing an ADU project in Walnut Creek and will be putting in a full kitchen. I'm going to go with a slide in range with oven. I had hoped to find the microwave oven combination slide in, but the only one that was manufactured has been discontinued. I did find a slimline microwave range hood though that looks much sleeker. I really hate the microwave hood combinations. Feel free to reach out directly. I always love connecting with other homeowners building ADUs.