Becoming landlords: BPOA? EBRHA? Both?


We are building an addition to our home on Berkeley, with the intention of renting it before our son moves back to Berkeley and will live there.  We have heard that renting in Berkeley can be a headache, and two different organizations have been recommended for help and advice: Berkeley Property Owners Association (BPOA), and East Bay Rental Housing Association (EBRHA).  If you’re a member, or considered membership, in either or both which did you decide on and why?  We’re new enough at this that it’s not clear whether one is “better” than the other, or whether they offer different things and we should just do both. Any thoughts about the organizations or their comparison?  Thanks.

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I joined BPOA last year when I was in a similar situation. I joined mainly for their forms database. As I've learned more about BPOA, I've decided not to renew. It's dominated by the larger landlords and they push ideas and policies that I disagree with (e.g., fighting attempts to fund our schools, not supporting housing growth sufficiently, etc.).

They do have meetings that a new landlord might find helpful, but I bet EBRHA has the same. I don't actually know much about EBRHA, so can't really compare the two.

yes, you are wise to educate yourself as cities and the state have made it more and more difficult to be a property manager and invite tenants into your home. You should be aware that once you have tenants there are certain rights that you essentially give up as a single-family home owner. I have found that the classes and online forms for standard leases and guidance are excellent at East Bay rental housing association.