Bay Farm for 6-8

We are a military family moving to Bay Farm this summer. By the time we had orders and a lease, the lottery for Bay Farm 6-8 had passed. We are currently 8 or 9 on the list for 6th grade. For several reasons (keeping both of my kids at the same school - their request since they won’t know anyone, proximity to our house, size of school) I am really really hoping we get a spot. The person I spoke with at the school district seemed to think we had a good chance. Just wondering if anyone was waitlisted and got in? We are not used to school lotteries and transfers so I don’t know how much movement to expect? I will have a 4th grader there also which I think puts us at a higher priority but I’m not sure if that will be a factor.


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I think that after your 4th grader is enrolled, you will have higher priority than someone without siblings at the school. I would also guess that your chances are good since Alameda has several middle schools and it's fairly common for people to apply to more than one. There is usually some waitlist movement, potentially even after the first day of school, when they see who actually shows up. Because it's a public school, there is nothing preventing people from enrolling at Bay Farm as well as a private or charter school, and then waiting until sometime before school starts to decide (though private schools require deposits at some point). Good luck!