Bathroom remodel - thanks for recommendations

Thanks for recommendations for a good company or contractor who can do bathroom updates, remodel in 2 smaller bathrooms.  We'd love someone who's responsible and willing to help with cost effectiveness.  Thanks.  

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Luis and his company, LEMA Construction. His number is 510-750-6402. He just did work with us. If you need a referral, my name is Katherine. Good luck!

I had the pleasure of working with  Bay Full Construction on renovation two bathrooms in a 2 floor condo in downtown Oakland . After meeting with several other contractors for bids,  I chose John @Bay Full because he was the most honest, transparent, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about the project ahead and also provided the most reasonable price. John and his team were an absolute pleasure to work with - his attention to detail and expertise showed in the quality of work whether it was plumbing ,electric, tiling, painting and replacing the ceiling. He was timely, very responsive in communication and most importantly kept to schedule and project buget. He went above and beyond to meet us at the tile store, and also was kind enough to transport the tile and paint to my house, which typically would fall on the homeowners. Coming from a relatively poor experience with my kitchen remodel, I can't thank John enough for coming through and can't wait to work again with his team on the next big project!  His number is 510 265-9399 bayfullconstrction [at]

Europa Tile last year remodeled our guest bath. Gabi and all the subs that were part of his team were honest and hard working and the quality of their work was outstanding. The team did what they could to minimize the dust and disruption to our  lives. I would highly recommend this company. (510)506-5073 europetileinstall [at]

I don’t want folks encountering a nightmare with their bathroom remodel like we experienced. In May 2023, we hired John at Bayfull Construction and his workmanship was sub-standard.  We had to move out for the renovation. Well, before we moved back in and after he completed the job, we discovered the shower was leaking behind the newly tiled wall. Nightmare! We had to hire another tiler to remove the tile so another contractor could access and secure the pipe properly, we then hired another plumber to reinstall the Grohe shower. I have photos and paperwork of the sub-standard work. Photos and documentation don’t lie. One word, beware. Do your due diligence and don’t suffer what we went through.  Oh yes, this wasn’t the only problem either, but the most serious.