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Hello, we’re ready to remodel our 1960s bathroom and are searching for good quality fixtures such as tub, vanity, etc. I like the look of some of IKEA’s products but question the quality. Can anyone recommend good showrooms for fixtures? Or, can anyone recommend a quality line of IKEA bathroom products? Thank you!

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We got an ikea bathroom vanity and then got walnut fronts from semihandmade to replace the drawer fronts from ikea. It looks great and once you know the look yoy will notice so many who did it. The drawers all open and shut nicely, they are roomy and overall looks nice! The only downfall was the drawer dividers are super cheap and fall over a lot. Also there was some issue with the fitting (I cant remember but maybe something with the pipe fit) the GC had to work around.
We did RH for our master vanity and had more issues with that one then our Ikea one. So, Id recommend it personally, especially with some custom door fronts (they have occasional sales too on their already reasonable prices at semihandmade).

I 100% recommend that you DONT buy from RemodelMe Showroom in Martinez. Weve had a nightmare experience! She has big upcharges, the tub she recommended is terrible, its been a year and she still hasnt provided us some product. Worst experience ever!

We're a few years in to a DIY remodel of our entire house and bathroom fixtures is something I spent a lot of time on. has the best selection online. You can request an account and they will give you contractor pricing. Excel Plumbing in SF has what I think is the best showroom that I've been to in the Bay Area.  They also have great pricing and have given me quotes better than I could find online. I purchased most of my non-fixture materials (pipe,fittings,etc.) from them.

Three places I have purchased good quality bathroom fixtures are: Ashby Lumber on Ashby Ave in Berkeley as well as two locations in Oakland-Moran Supply on 40th St and Sincere Home Decor on 11th St. in downtown. Best of success with your remodel.

We fully remodeled two bathrooms a couple of years ago. For the common full bath, we wanted something inexpensive so we went with an Ikea Hemnes series vanity that had a ceramic sink. No complaints so far, it has served us well. Ikea sinks have a special P-trap design to allow full-depth drawers underneath. Requires a bit of extra work to connect the plumbing in the back, but nothing a plumber or GC can't handle. For the upstairs master bath, we wanted a more luxurious feel so we went with a custom vanity made by a carpenter and quartz countertops. The Blum hardware that the drawers slide on are way better than the Ikea ones, of course... at a price. We used a MAAX bathtub and Decolav sinks - both have been good quality so far. Nearly all the plumbing fixtures are by Hansgrohe - again, pricey but the quality shows. We used a Euro-style showerpipe, which is a great one-piece fitting that integrates temp control with a tub spout and shower/hand shower - highly recommend this. I second the recommendation for Ashby Lumber which has a great plumbing showroom and has good contractor prices too. We did buy a lot of things from Amazon as well. Good luck!

For our kitchen remodel, our interior designer recommended we pick out fixtures at Jack London Kitchen and Bath.

They have an excellent selection, from basic to very high end.