Bathroom facelift

Hi friends. I am considering a bathroom remodel and searching for:

  1. Recommendations for contractors.
  2. Rough ballpark idea of what I might need to budget.

For context, I think the room is probably about 6ft by 10ft and we are talking about replacing tub, tile, vanity, etc. but not doing structural work or changing the layout of the bathroom.

Anyone done this kind of work recently and have advice?

Thanks in advance!

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We just finished a major remodel of our small bathroom and I’m incredibly happy.  We did change the layout and essentially gutted the room so our project was in larger scope, and our contractor did a great job.  

I’d definitely recommend them - LY Green Construction. The project manager was highly communicative and helpful, crew was tidy and efficient and they did beautiful work.  

As for  budget, we moved plumbing, took floor down to the subfloor, moved the door frame etc, so I’m assuming our cost would be higher than yours. 

Happy to give you more details and send pics if you want to message me. 

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we did this same thing last december - kept same floor plan but replaced: vanity, toilet, all tiles, lighting and fan and removed the original tub and replaced it with a shower. i designed and sourced all of my own materials which probably saved a lot, too. i knew exactly what i wanted (thanks, pintrest!) so the sourcing was actually quite simple. but ultimately you still need an architect to draw the elevations so the contractor can follow. inclusive of the architect (~$5k), materials and contractor/tile person, we spent about $35k. i was told by many people that is low. original quotes from others we're closer to $60k+.

we love our contractor and would highly recommend for this type of project. his name is noe and his cell is 510.779.7641

i have photos of the bathroom before and after but this message system won't let me attach images. if you'd like the images please message me - we think it came out amazingly well!

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We recently remodeled our bathroom with BuildMark and they did an amazing job! Emanuel has a lot of experience working on homes and helped us with the makeover. This is his info: 510-484 5765. emanuel [at] 

I would recommend ordering the finish materials in advance because the lead time on some items can be up to 6 months. The cost of the remodel is dependent on the finish materials that you go with it, but I would budget around 35k.

Hope this helps! Good luck with the remodel!

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We recently did a remodel on a bathroom using Bayfull Construction.  We were really happy with the work that John and his crew did.  Ours was a fairly big job - retiling everything, build a new tiled shower, some plumbing had to be moved around, and there wound up being some mold that needed to be dealt with (including putting in new framing and joists where the old wood was rotten).  All in all, it ran around $40K, but again, there was a lot going on in the walls and floor that had to be addressed. 

Would definitely recommend Bayfull.  John is super responsive, very communicative, very thorough, and fast (but not at the expense of quality).  Best way to reach him is by phone at (510) 265-9399.

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Hi Matt!

We did this a few years ago to get a deeper tub. Elmer Barrios and his son Gerber and their team did ours and they did a great job. I think the fixtures you put in play a big part in the cost. If you choose high-end fixtures, it obviously costs more. We did a nice-ish tub and replaced some but not all of the shower tile (it goes all the way to the high ceilings) and removed an installed, tracked door that was over the tile and had damaged some of it. Elmer and his team fixed the damaged tiles so that you can't even tell there was a door there. I think our total cost was something like $6-7k but we didn't do the vanity or floor, just installed a new mirror cabinet above the existing vanity. I'm sure Elmer or Gerber would give you a very fair quote--they're really wonderful people.

Good luck with everything!

Elmer's number is 706-263-8808