Baseball/T-Ball for a 3 y/o?

Hi Everyone! Just curious if anyone knows of a spring or summer (outdoor) baseball or t-ball class or camp for very little kids (my son will be a sporty 3)? Obviously I wouldn't expect it to be very . . . athletic. (And of course, we'd only do it if it were safe COVID-wise [fingers crossed].) Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks.

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For a 3 year old, you could look into Bladium in Alameda - they run lots of programs for toddlers like "Little Kickers" (for soccer) and "Little Sluggers" for T-ball. I'm not sure if or how they're operating in Covid times, but it's worth looking into. Also, FYI if Alameda isn't convenient for you, we used to do their classes at the Beach Play Field on Linda Ave in Piedmont - they contracted with the City of Piedmont Dept of Rec to offer classes there, which was great- much nicer to be outside than in their giant (indoor) airplane hanger building in Alameda.