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My just-turned-5 yr old (starting K next year) is interested in starting baseball and I'm looking for advice on finding a fun, inclusive but instructional league for his first experience.  What are the benefits of Little League versus the Berkeley Rec league?  Little League is quite pricey -- is it worth it?  Do we get to choose between Albany and North Oakland or does where we live in Berkeley determine which we should register for?  Where do other Berkeley kids play?  Thanks for any wisdom you have to share!

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I don't have any experience with the Berkeley Rec league, only NOLL/SOLL (going into my 8th year and 3rd kid there), but for t-ball I don't really think it matters where you go - at that age, they're still learning to run to first base and not third (really!) when they hit the ball and things like that.  If it's convenient and fun, go for it. Bonus points if you can be with some buddies from school.  I think for NOLL/SOLL you have to be in kindergarten to play t-ball, so you might end up doing a year of rec anyway if you want to play next spring. If you want to play official Little League, it's based on your home address (although you can sometimes get an exception if you attend a school in the boundaries of a different league) - NOLL/SOLL has boundary info and maps here:, and I imagine Albany LL has something similar on their website.  Have fun!

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I don't know much about Berkeley Rec league, but I do recommend Little League in Oakland, known as North Oakland/South Oakland Little League. Many Berkeley kids play, and they form all Berkeley teams for the younger divisions. For a 5 year old, t-ball is most appropriate. Keep in mind that you will just see what resembles baseball until your child gets older. The motor skills needed to throw, catch, and hit develop differently for kids and some will struggle mightily at the early stage. The key at 5 is to have fun, relieve child (and parent) anxiety about getting hit with the ball, and start learning some basics about how to throw and catch. Check out.  Registration for the upcoming season should be starting soon.