Bancroft elementary in Walnut Creek

We are considering moving to Berkeley or Walnut Creek so our bilingual kindergartener can attend the Spanish immersion programs at Sylvia Mendez or Bancroft Elementary. We have read Sylvia Mendez is impossible to get into but can’t find any info on Bancroft. We would appreciate any thoughts on how possible it is to get in or experiences with the school. Thank you! 

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Bancroft Elementary’s TWDI program is a very popular program, and it’s a lottery - I don’t know any statistics on how many get in, but even if Bancroft is your home school there’s no guarantee. If your child already speaks Spanish you may have an edge, since they are always looking to have more native Spanish speakers in the program. Bancroft usually has an info night for next year’s classes in January or February. If interested, make sure your home is in the MDUSD district - the program is so popular that they rarely accept transfers from outside the district (so you’re out of luck if you’re in the Walnut Creek School District, which covers the other part of Walnut Creek but is totally separate from  MDUSD). Hope this is helpful - good luck!

Thank you very much for your response! We are feeling more hopeful that since she is a  fluent speaker we will get in!. Thank you so much!