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Bamboo planted by my neighbor is invading my yard that is very invasive. I have some in my yard that was planted before I moved in which has breached it's barrier. I am disabled and not working and a single mom. Are there any organizations that support with this? Especially with negotiating with my neighbor whose bamboo is on another's property now as well. I have heard some people just use chemicals, but I'd like a more environmentally safe approach that preserves my foundation.

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You need to have someone dig out as much of the bamboo from your yard as you can.Then you need to dig something trench like a few feet deep along the fence so you can see the new bamboo approaching.When you see it put a rock under each new stalk so that it is not in the dirt getting nutrients.It will become stone like and won’t grow anymore.This also may kill the plant.You can also try boiling water and vinegar and putting lots of water on it.You could hire someone and then try to collect in small claims court.


I had someone come and dig up the bamboo from my property, and dig a trench and install a root barrier. So far, it’s been reasonably effective. There is still a small amount of bamboo that comes back (a lot of which spread from roots under my concrete path), but the Alameda Master Gardener’s program said if I keep cutting it back when it gets to 1m, it will deplete it until it gives up, if it’s disconnected from the main roots.

To fully get rid of it, I would definitely need to remove the concrete path which has a lot of roots under it, which is on my “someday” to-do list.

i hired Sarouen Prak - (510) 459-3317 - to do the digging up and installing a root barrier and he did a wonderful job at a fair price.