Bamboo removal

We have bamboo in our backyard that has escaped from its underground container.  Can you please recommend a gardening service that can get rid of the shoots popping up in other places in our garden?  I know this is going to be tough and I'm ready to spend some time and money on it.

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We had a horrible running bamboo problem and used West County Bamboo to remove it. It was expensive because it had gone on for so long so hopefully you can quickly remediate it.

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Yes! We just did this with Julian's Tree Service: We looked around and it was hard to find someone who would do it. Julian's was fast and their estimate seemed reasonable. We will still be battling some shoots for a while but they dug things out as best they could. 

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We had bamboo escape the underground barrier that was encroaching on our foundation. After many attempts to remove it 'naturally' we finally caved in and resorted to heavy duty chemicals. I HATE using chemicals on our yard (or anywhere else), but there really didn't seem to be another option. It took several years to completely eradicate (I think we did the chemicals 2-3x, with many months in between.) We hired someone experienced in the application of the chemicals and made sure we closed all our windows, were away from our home and let our neighbor know so they could bring any pets inside. (And I'm sorry but don't remember the name of the chemical or the person who did it, but I'm guessing a nursery may be able to point you in a good direction.) Good luck!