BAM, Cragmont, Oxford, and Washington 5th grade

Hi. I will be enrolling my son in BUSD to start 5th grade in the Fall. We are in the Central Zone and would love to hear from current parents at BAM, Cragmont, Oxford, and Washington -- thoughts (both positive & negative) about 5th grade at their respective schools. Are the teachers caring and effective? Is there any bullying among the 5th graders? My son's had a rough 4th-grade year at his current school, so we are really hoping that his experience in 5th grade will be much better....

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My daughter is a 5th grader at Washington this year and we couldn't be happier. She has truly amazing teachers and is thriving socially, academically, and emotionally. Her class is a true community and the teachers pay a lot of attention to students' social and emotional growth along with academics. I have not seen or heard about any bullying and believe it would not be tolerated. She has only been at Washington for one year so I can also attest that it is a welcoming, inclusive environment for new students joining late in elementary school.