Ballroom dancing for teen

I'd appreciate recommendations for a teen ballroom dancing class. Something that would cover some basic dances and principles, geared toward that age group. Preference for location in Emeryville thru Richmond corridor. Thanks!

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I took classes at Allegro Ballroom when they were in Emeryville. Looks like they have moved to Richmond (near Del Norte BART). I don't know if they have teen classes, but if they don't I'm sure they know who does!

RE: Ballroom dancing for teen ()

The Allegro Ballroom in Emeryville used to have a child/teen class on Saturday morning (I think it was).  My daughter did it for a while.  The problem for her was that most of the other students were the children of ballroom dancers, and had been dancing all their lives.  As a 16 year old coming in with no experience at all, she felt at a distinct disadvantage.  But the instructors were very nice and supportive, and overall it was a positive experience for her.