Ballet class for 3/4 yo in Adams Point?


I am looking for ballet or pre-ballet classes for my daughter turning 4 in October. She was taking ballet in New York before we moved here in March, but here the classes seem to start at 5. She loves ballet specifically and not the generic "movement" classes that I see for kids her age. Anyone know a place in Adams Point in Oakland? Thank you!

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My 3-year old (who also turns 4 in Oct!) goes to East Bay Dance Center on Park Blvd in Oakland. There's also the Tutu School in Alameda and Montclaire.

Hi there. Here is a list of Dance studios with children’s classes near you.

My daughter is 3.5 and currently takes ballet at Berkeley Ballet Theatre and we love it. We started at Tutu School Montclair at 18mo old. Tutu School is closer to you, but if you are looking for something more structured, I would suggest skipping Tutu School and checking out Berkeley Ballet Theatre or Van Der Zwaan Studio in Berkeley. Both are great and offer classes starting at 3yrs. 

There are 2 serious ballet schools in your area, Berkeley Ballet and Alameda Ballet. If you are thinking that ballet is something your daughter would like to study long term, I'd check out one of these (my daughter has danced since she was 4 and has studied at both). I'm sure there are other places with sweet classes for little ones, but like I said, if you are serious about her ballet studies I'd look into either of these. Bon chance!

East Bay Dance Center in Glenview is great.