Backyard drip irrigation

My house came with a drip irrigation and lighting system with a box that programmed everything, even turned off the drip when it rained, etc. The system has broken down over the years. Can anyone give me a recommendation for someone to fix this? They don’t need to run new lines, it’s all hooked up, but I might need a new ”computer” box and some new hardware. Thanks!

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We have a wonderful handyman named Ricardo who came to replace our manual irrigation box with one of the new smart “Rachio” irrigation control systems and did a wonderful job! His number is (510) 798-4616. He is a true Swiss Army knife and also a skilled electrician!

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If the system is running during the rain, it might be a small, inexpensive piece that is easy to replace. It’sa sponge the expands in moisture, covering a sensor and shutting off the system until it dries out, contracts and uncovers the sensor.  You might ask at urban farmer for advice.