Baby Rave? Anyone Been?

Hi, I saw a flyer for a Baby Rave party up in my neighborhood. Wanted to see if anyone has been and if it would be appropriate for a 5 year old to go or if it really is just for babies? 

It says the next one is this Saturday 6/22

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I just went to baby rave on 6/22 and I think a five year old would have a better time than a baby. My son is 14 months and he was one of the youngest there. 


Haven’t been, but may go with our 11 month old? Looks like fun!

This is written in the description for the July 20 one: Recommended age is 1-4 years old, but we wont be checking ID and if you think your slightly older or younger kiddo would enjoy dancing in a room of toddlers with blinky lights, then bring 'em along!


I've been, my 6 year old had a way better time than my 3 year old. The music is classic EDM, it's not kids rave music (which surprised me a bit). They have glow lights and things like that for the kids.