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Hi all,

I was reading another post from Nov/Dec 2022 about au pair experiences which was really helpful but thought I would post afresh. My family is looking for an au pair from Latin America that will speak Spanish to our kids and English to us, that has significant driving experience and childcare experience obviously. So far we have been using cultural care. Our main problem at this moment is that we have reached out to approx 20 au pairs asking to connect/interview and only had 2 reply yes to us. It is pretty frustrating the amount of time we have put into it and no one seems to want to talk to us. I don't feel we are asking for an unreasonable schedule. We have to kids under 5 and need help watching our toddler while our daughter is at school - 3 days per week 10 h days and then I have said the other hours can be split during the two days with occasional weekend duty. I put a lot of time into all of our profile and swear we are nice people and that it comes across but the au pairs keep declining our request to interview. So today I moved on to Au pair in America but found out that they are requiring us to pay about double in the Bay Area to comply with CA labor laws. So now I'm totally confused as to why Cultural care is not and worried that we might get in trouble retroactively if we don't do this. 

Did anyone else experience many declines from au pairs or have any other suggestions? My match specialist is not really helping me with this.

Does anyone have any further explanation or guidance as to why cultural care is not requiring CA host families to abide by CA labor laws?

Thanks in advance!!

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