Attorney for restricted stock purchase and estate planning

Hi!  I need a lawyer to review a Restricted Stock Purchase Agreement that I have to sign (my husband is is the employee/Purchaser but I need to sign as well) but I see a section that makes me nervous and I feel it would be in my best interest to have an Attorney look at it before I sign.   I also need help with Estate planning/will.  Thank you so much for your help!!

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We used Jeff Levi at Wendel Rosen for estate planning with very good results.  My husband and I worked in large corporate law firms, but wanted our personal legal services to be handled outside of our respective employers.  Jeff has also been a good resource in finding attorneys within and outside of his firm for other legal matters not estate planning related.  

I highly recommend Amanda Ewing-Rice at Atashi Rang.  She is very clear very thorough and very personable. She listened carefully and offered thoughtful pertinent advice. 

I like Reece Halpern at Halpern Law Office on Solano ave. in Berkeley.  I've used him for estate planning and referred clients to him, and everyone has been very happy with the results.

Hi, I’m not sure about the estate planning but the tax ninja ( is an excellent tax attorney who advised us on a restricted stock purchase and has been very helpful to us financially in general.