Seeking Attorney Specializing in Berkeley property tax law

We are looking for a recommendation for an attorney who knows Berkeley property tax law and civil tort law. 

A little background - In paying our city property taxes we discovered the City of Berkeley is incorrectly calculating home owners property taxes.  We took the City of Berkeley to court and won, $12,000.  But the judgment is only for the overpayment of back taxes not future taxes.  We are looking for an attorney to represent us and probably several of our neighbors in a civil tort claim to order the city collect the correct dollar amount on our property taxes.

We think this will go to trial as the city has been very secretive about the tax information when this is public information. 

Does anyone have any experience and reconditions for an attorney who knows
+ Residential property tax law
+ Has civil tort law experience
+ Courtroom trial experience
+ And experience with class action lawsuits against city government.

We think this should be a very easy case as we already have a judgment against the city.

Thank you

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I can’t speak to his specific experience in the areas you are looking, but I’d suggest you call John Gutierrez. He was extremely helpful when we were considering a lawsuit against the City of Albany.