Attorney needed for trademark registration

Hi BPN, I've been told by a business coach that I need to trademark an approach I developed in my business.  I've looked through reviews on BPN but most are at least 5 if not 10 years old.  Does anyone have an attorney they would recommend for navigating the trademark registration process? I'm a DIY'er usually but this is something rather complex. Thanks for any recommendations you can offer.

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If you are a DIYer, Legal Zoom could be an option. I did my Trademark through them. The trickiest part is reading the results of the trademark search and choosing the correct trademark "classification", but I found it to be pretty straightforward. Legal zoom also had 30 days of complementary attorney access I recieved from doing my LLC paperwork with them. The attorney I spoke with was helpful in reviewing my trademark results and confirming my selection of classification. Good luck!!

I am not an attorney but I have submitted a few trademarks myself at my job. It’s not all that hard and imho not worth paying an attorney for.

however, I don’t think you can trademark an “approach “ - trademarks are for marks; logos, slogans/taglines. You might be looking at a patent and that could be a different story.

Bottom line, look up the USPTO website and see what category your “thing” falls into. Trademarks are very DIYable.