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Hello community,

I have ARAG insurance and am looking for attorney recommendations for a divorce. Below are some attorneys I found through the ARAG website. Any insights/experience working with any of them? Thank you in advance.

Rachel Saunders

Timothy Fricker

David Olson

Martin Elmer

Susanna Tuan

James Ramsaur

Jennifer Phillips

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I used Jennifer Phillips for my divorce. The whole process was easy and completely covered by ARAG as it was an "amicable"/non-contested divorce. I would recommend that you carefully review the documents because it seems her staff isn't super detail oriented...

Good luck!


Timothy Fricker was my attorney for my divorce, and I'm so glad I went with him. He is a very caring person who is able to help you get through the difficult, messy, time-consuming task of completing your divorce. He is extremely experienced and understanding of all the things that could arise that you may not have thought of. I was in a borderline abusive marriage and needed out asap. Tim talked to me almost as a counselor regarding the logistics of the separation. His casual advice during a very brief visit led me to sell my house almost immediately, get a new apartment, file the divorce, and proceed at a cost I could handle. He honestly was more helpful than my therapist in getting through this very sad and challenging time in my life. He can explain things that seem very complicated in a way that it totally makes sense. I think that his rates were pretty good - normal. And he was super efficient so did not waste my time or money. I couldn't recommend him more. I will try to post this to a wider audience as well, but feel free to share this insight with others if you want. I live in Oakland and his office is down by Jack London - super convenient for me. Best of luck with everything. Keep your head up during this hard time.