Assessment for dyslexic 7 year-old

I suspect my 7.5 year-old daughter is dyslexic and I am looking for (hopefully affordable) neuropsychological assessment options beyond what her school can do. I called the UC Berkeley clinic but they won't see children until they are 8. Does anyone have an experience with the the Wright Institute? Any other recommendations? Thank you. 

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I'm the parent of a now 17-year-old dyslexic. The earlier you intervene, the better. The hit to a kid's self esteem with reading differences is huge. The cost for a thorough assessment is worth it. Some medical insurances will help. Ann Martin's Child Center is budget friendly. We used Sandra Chao, PhD. 

Getting accommodations is time consuming, but worthwhile -- again, sooner is better. 

Our kid will never be a great speller, but thanks to a great educational therapist our kid is planning to apply to university to study applied mathematics. My biggest regret about our process was trying to work on reading one on one with my kid -- best left to experts.