ASD kids at Glenview?

I recently moved into the Glenview neighborhood and I’m interested in sending my child with HFA to Glenview next year. Does anyone have experience they can share with how the school deals with special needs kids (apart from the hearing disabled classroom)? My kiddo is in an integrated class at our current school. Has anyone declined their IEP placement school to go to a different school?

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You can ask directly at the school, but typically a child with HFA will be placed at one of the schools that offer inclusion programs (not Glenview, unfortunately). There is a list of schools on the OUSD website. Crocker Highlands and Sequoia are probably your two closest options, though both are in demand, so it may depend on where there is space if you need a mid-year transfer. Good luck!

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I don't know why, but in reading your post I thought that you should look into Urban Montessori (it is a charter school). Team approach and their philosophy is very inclusive, the methods of teaching (design thinking, project based) may be a good fit to at least inquire about.