Recent ASD Diagnosis for toddler - classes and other resources?

My toddler was recently diagnosed with ASD. We've worked hard the past few months and have various therapies in order. I'm now looking for lessons or classes that can accommodate my kiddo, particularly dance, swimming, gymnastics/tumbling, or music. I'd like to know if there are any local places that can accommodate a child like mine into a class or lesson. My toddler is a ton of fun but has difficulty following instructions and requires patient instructors. I've looked up a few places but reviews tend to be dated. 

I'm also interested in potentially joining a support group for parents with kids on the spectrum. If there are any in Oakland, Emeryville or Berkeley, I'd love to hear about them.


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A couple of good places to find resources & support:

East Bay Autism Parents (Facebook group)

Family Resource Navigators (they have a 6 week ASD parenting class that's helpful, among other supports)

For classes, a few places to start are:

-Berkeley YMCA swim & gym class for special needs kids ages 2-6.

-Head over heels has special needs tumbling classes

-Pediatric Motor playground in Lafayette runs small group classes for OT, including gross & fine motor skills & sensory integration.

I'm sure there are so many more out there, as well. Happy to chat privately, if you like. I have four kids, ages 15 months to 5 yo. Two of them  were diagnosed with ASD this year, so we're just starting out with figuring this stuff out, too.

Is your child going to receive ABA? If so, most places will allow kids to attend classes with their ABA therapist, which I would highly recommend. Your child is liable to get much more out of the class. As for specific classes, I recommend University Village gymnastics and music classes with Melita ( in Berkeley.