Arts-Based Middle School Recommendations?

Hello all! We are looking for an arts-based middle school for our son, ideally Oakland-adjacent. He is currently in a very small elementary school with a strong arts component, which has been wonderful for him.

We’re hoping to find something similar for middle school in terms of small size and a focus on the arts and creativity. 
Oakland School for the Arts is an option, but it is quite large, and he thrives in smaller settings. Any middle school recommendations or experiences would be wonderful. Thank you!

Parent Replies

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If your son is has any interest at all in music (piano/bass/cello/viola/violin) than The Crowden School in Berkeley is a wonderful small school with kind supportive kids and excellent teachers. My son's sixth grade class has only 6 students in it. Other grades are larger but I don't think any currently exceed 12 students..